Starting Your Own Home Business?

How To Develop a Mindset for Success. Success is not luck! 

Successful mindset is preparation and like anything else, you have to study and practice to develop your successful mindset. Begin by reading books and listening to CD-roms and cassette tapes by authors such as Zig Ziglar, Bob Proctor, Dave Ramsey, Melvin Powers, Dän Lee Dimke, and Dale Carnegie.

You don’t have to rush out and buy this material because much of it will be available at your public library.

Surround yourself with successful people. This can be accomplished by going Toastmasters International meetings and joining your local Chamber of Commerce. Also, attend local service and fraternal organization meetings such as Lions Club, Elks Lodge, Loyal Order of the Moose Club, Fraternal Order of Eagles, or other organizations devoted to assisting the community. By getting involved with these organizations, you’ll surround yourself with professional and positive thinking individules.

Avoid negative thoughts and negative people. Always keep a positive attitude and focus on your goals.

Goal Setting

You should have three sets of goals…short range goals, mid range goals, and long range goals.

Start with small short range achievable goals. A short range goal is a smaller, easier to accomplish goal that serves as a stepping stone to accomplishing a mid range and long range goals. Make it specific and write it down. Set a time frame to achieve the goals. No longer than one month for short range goals. And be sure that the goal is realistic and can be accomplish within that time frame. You don’t want the result to be negative because you will become discouraged and cause you to give up on future goals.

A mid range goal is a stepping stone that will help you achieve your long range goal. For example, the short term goals will help you achieve the mid range goals of starting your business. Mid range goals may also be solutions to short term problems you’ve encountered. So, the mid range response is to revise your short term goals. Mid range goals ensure that short range problems don’t recur.

With long range goals, you want to solve problems permanently and to reach your overall goals of your company becoming a top competitor. Long range goals will include development strategies for capital expansion expenses such as advertising budgets, equipment purchases, and facilities procurement.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

If you’re working a full time job and want to begin a business from home, focus a minimum of three or four hours everyday and more hours on the weekend.

Setup your home office. The key to a good home office is to make use of whatever space you have. For greatest efficiency, find a space that can be dedicated to your home office area. Make it confortable, quiet, and off limits to the rest of the family while you’re working. Your home office should have space for your necessary equipment. At a minimum you’ll need a computer with internet connection, copier, fax machine, phone, a small desk and a comfortable chair.

If your have an interest in starting a home business, check out the following two websites:

Biz-ness Gazette

Build a Biz Online

Action equals success,

Danny Meehan
Business Coach
Maricopa, AZ 85138




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Retired United States Navy Veterans' Advocate Former Publisher of The Biz-ness Gazette Tabloid Business Consultant and Coach
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